Dan always likes to play with the plump nut sack. He often licks it till it is wet, and chew on the skin. He can spend all day long just giving his full attention to the two balls. Often, his effort causes Jimmy’s legs to spread even wider, giving Dan full access to his groin area. This is when he will wet one of his fingers and shove it into that moist, warm hole.

"Fuck! Please dad, don’t make me wait any longer. Fuck me now!" Jimmy, his son, often pleads with him by this time.

Dan’s lips continues to clamp onto the loose skin of the sack as he smiles. “Works like a charm every time!” he says to himself.


Nevermind grampa, I’ll drink from the tap :)

Anyone wanna join me? :)



Does he know the beauty of grey body hair……..!!!!